The Department of Geography actively applies e-learning methods, and supports students and teachers in the use of e-learning platforms. The "QualityNetwork Geo3.0" was introduced in 2013 to improve the e-learning offer at the Department of Geography (this project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF as part of  PerLe- Project successful teaching and learning). Through this project, a comprehensive e-learning-structure was constructed and implemented. The BMBF/PerLe-project for innovative teaching at the CAU Kiel is now funding the eLearning support at the Geography Department for the second time, namely for the project “Empirical Methods in Social Sciences: theoretically funded, practically and effectively applied with new digital media ”, which aims at improving and enhancing the methodological training at the Department. On the one hand, the usage of eLearning in teaching is being extended by new test and self-testing functions and further interactive features. On the other hand, in cooperation with the Department of Computer Sciences and the Institute of Psychology at the CAU Kiel, a mobile survey app is being developed. The application will be offered to students and researchers to independently conceptualize and conduct surveys in the field on tablets and smartphones; it will also allow efficient exportation of the data to statistical programs. Enough at this point - please inform yourself on the central e-learning platform of the CAU:  OLAT und  PerLe. (Please note that bilingualism is not always guaranteed.)