Research Emphases



The Kiel Department of Geography and its eight working groups concentrate on integrative research emphases. Examples of this research are:

  • Social and ecological vulnerability in the context of risk research
  • Ecological and social-economic resilience in megacities
  • Landscape development and integrated land-use management
  • Cultural spaces in interdisciplinary research perspective
  • Migration and Tourism in economic and social-cultural research practices
  • Climate change, social-economic development and consequences in coastal areas
  • Education and sustainable development
  • Method development in the areas of Geo-Media, Geo-Information, and Remote Sensing

Every professor also pursues with help from his/her working group original research emphases: the Human Geography with Urban, Population, Economic, and Cultural Geography, the Physical Geography with Landscape Ecology and Geo-Information, Coastal Research, Climate Change and Material Flow, and the Geographical Didactics and the Geo-Media; as well as researching their specific areas of study.

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