Information for Future Students


Programs of Studies offered by the Department of Geography at CAU Kiel

The bachelor and master programs of studies offered by the Department of Geography at CAU Kiel have been accredited since September 2007. With the introduction of the Bologna-Process the Department of Geography at Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel introduced the new bachelor and master programs of studies in the winter semester of 2007/08. The programs begin at the beginning of every winter semester. Please take the application deadlines and modalities, which can be found on the Student Service homepage, into consideration: the central post “Student Services, Department of Application and Acceptance” at CAU Kiel is responsible for all acceptances for all programs of studies.

Bachelor Programs of Study

The undergraduate programs of study offered at the CAU Kiel are:

  • Bachelor of Science Geography (1-Subject)
  • Bachelor of Arts/Science Geography (2-Subject Secondary Education)
  • Bachelor of Arts/Science Geography (2-Subject Trade School Education)

The application deadline for the winter semester is the same every year: July 15th.

For the bachelor programs admission is restricted based on a numerus clausus (NC). For more information, please contact the “Student Services, Department of Applications and Acceptances” (German) at CAU Kiel.

More information especially for future students can be found on the information sheets for the corresponding program of study, on the websites of “Hereinspaziert” (German), or in the Subject Description – Geography


If you have any questions, please contact the studies coordinator.

Master Programs of Study

The Department of Geography offers four consecutive master programs of study for the subject Geography. There are (in German):

For the master programs of study there is an application process that needs to be followed. The requirements are a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography (or similar subject), either 1-Subject or 2-Subject degrees offered by the CAU Kiel.

 The 1-subject master programs of study begin only in the winter semester. 

Please note, that the application procedure is different for German Bachelor Students (Bildungsinländer) and Foreigner Bachelor Students. (Bildungsausländer). 

The registration for the subject Geography as part of the 2-Subject Master of Education (Secondary and Trade School Education) can be turned into the Student Services at CAU. Please take all information and deadlines into consideration. 

The “Student Service, Department of Applications and Acceptances”

(German) at CAU Kiel offers more information. More information can also be found on the information sheets for the corresponding program of study, which can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding master program of study. If any questions should remain open, please feel free to contact the studies coordinator.

Transfer Applications

The programs of study offered by the Institute of Geography also have in the higher semesters admission restrictions. Geography students interested the categorization in a higher semester due to a transfer or subject change, please contact the studies coordinator

Mr. Vollmer. Please bring the following documents to the categorization with you:

  • Current certificate of academic achievement (grade report (with stamp), certificate)
  • Current exam regulations of the previously attended program of study
  • Current module handbook (if exists) of the previously attended program of study

Without these documents, your transfer cannot be processed!

Reading Tips for the Beginning of your Studies!

The following, incomplete list shows a couple of good and current textbooks that provide a good introduction to Geography: for future students, for first year students, or even as a present! Both books are in German!

  • Geographie: Physische Geographie und Humangeographie von Gebhardt, H., Glaser, G., Radtke , U. und Reuber. P. (Herausgeber) aus dem Spektrum-Verlag, 2. Auflage.
  • Geographie - eine globale Synthese von Haggett, P., UTB-Verlag, 3. Auflage

The Job Market for Geographers

General information to the topic “Job Market” can be found on the website for Central Course Guidance for the Geography Programs of Study.

The job fields for prospective geographers can be divided into categories based on the chosen program of study:

1.    1-Subject-Bachelor/Master

The occupational fields for geographer cover a multitude of job branches. Your future job field depends a lot on your specification in the main seminars and your choice of elective subjects. Typical job fields for geographer are:

  •  Urban and Regional Management
  • Facility Planning and Business Development
  • Real Estate Research
  • Tourism Management
  • Environmental Planning, Risk Management
  • Environmental and Nature Conservation, Environmental Education
  • Geo-Information (GIS, GPS, Satellite data)
  • Publication, Media Economics
  • Development Collaboration

…as well as in private enterprises, government agencies, and in the freelance branch. More information regarding potential jobs can be found on the web pages for professional internships and job search.


2.    Education Majors: 2-Subject-Bachelor and Master of Education

With a degree in secondary education and the completion of the required teaching internship, the world of teaching is open for you. Please be aware that not all subject combinations will be allowed to enter the internship in Schlwesig-Holstein. The Central Course Guidance

(ZSB)(German) offers more information about subject combinations.

Other typical job chances for those with an education degree include:

  • Publication
  • Environmental Education

More information about education degrees can be found at the Center for Teacher Education (ZfL)(German) at CAU.