Geography in Kiel

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In Kiel, we understand geography to be integrative, practice-oriented, and cooperative.

According to us, geography can be understood as integrative because, within the discipline, concepts from social and natural sciences are combined through human and environmental research. In Human Geography we connect spatial approaches to economic, social, and cultural studies and in Physical Geography we are primarily concerned with integrative approaches to landscape, coast, and climate developments.

In Kiel we also understand geography to be practice-oriented due to the many applied  modules offered by our programs of study and the inclusion of adjinct professors from various occupational fields. Specialized lectures and professional/school internships are required for all bachelor and master programs of study. The research projects often involve practice-oriented components or are developed as accompanying research.

We cooperate in research and teaching within the Institute and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, in international research groups, and with municipal and regional science, business, and city-planning institutions – as well as with local schools.

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