PC- and GIS-Labs



Jörn Fleischmann
1st Floor, Room 108

Phone: +49 431 880 2933
Fax: +49 431 880 4658
Mail: fleischmann@geographie.uni-kiel.de 


PC-Lab: 1st Floor, Room 110
GIS-Lab: 1st Floor, Room 117
PC-Lab II: 4th Floor, Room 419 

Opening Hours for the PC-Labs and GIS-Lab during the semester:

The PC-Labs/GIS-Lab are open for all geography students during the following hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9:00 – 17:00
Friday: 9:00 – 14:00
However, the labs are closed during certain hours due to seminars! These seminar hours can be found on a sign on the lab door!
In order to access the labs outside of the opening hours, a key can be issued against a deposit.

Opening Hours for the PC-Labs and GIS-Lab during semester breaks:

Open for all geography students!
Monday – Thursday: 9:00 – 17:00
In order to access the labs outside of the opening hours, a key can be given against a deposit.

Important User Information:

Who can use the PC-Lab?

  • In order to use the PC-Lab a user name (OWN ACCOUNT) is needed. In order to set up such an account, a few requirements must be fulfilled:
  • You must be a registered geography student.
  • Students with Geography as a minor field of study can create an account for the semester in question (1.4 – 30.9 and 1.10 – 31.3), as long as they are currently enrolled in a course in the Institute of Geography.
  • You must have registered/re-registered in due time for the upcoming semester.
  • You are currently enrolled in the maximum 15th semester of study, OR you have talked with the Director of the Institute of Geography about your future plans. (In the latter case informal proof is needed!).
  • By default, all students should be assigned an account during the welcome week in October. In the case that you missed or could not attend the appointed day, please visit Mr. Fleischmann on Tuesdays at 8:30 with your student ID (Studienausweis) on the first floor, room 108 and collect a user name and password.
  • When you are using one of the computers, please remember that you only have a maximum of 2 GB memory on Drive H:, to use, upon logging in, Domain Geographen, and upon leaving the lab, to log-out!

Scanning and DVD-Burning in PC-Lab and Media-Lab

  • DVD-Burners can be found on every computer along the front wall in the PC-Lab, in the GIS-Lab on every second computer, and in the PC-Lab II on the fourth floor on every computer. Please use the program “Nero” to burn a DVD. A scanner can also be found in every lab: in the PC-Lab on the computer in the back, in the GIS-Lab on the right computer in the first row, and in PC-Lab II in the middle of the back row.
  • Please scan with the installed software. Directions (in German) can be found on the desktop.
  • Please do not scan any more than 300 Dots per Inch – Storage Space!!!!!
  • An additional scanner for stapled documents is also available for use. Please contact Jörn Fleischmann for further information.


Printing Details

  • An HP Laserjet printer for black/white DIN A4 documents can be found in all 3 labs.
  • An HP Farblaser printer is available for colored DIN A4 documents. Please contact Mr. Fleischmann (Room 108) for further help.

  • DIN A4 black/white: 8 Cents per page
  • DIN A4 colored: 20 Cents per page


Projectors – Data Projectors

Permanent data projectors can be found in all seminar rooms and lecture halls. Currently the Institute only owns one mobile data projector, which can be used as a replacement for a default projector.

For this reason, the data projector can only be borrowed by institute staff for external events, during a time when no lectures are occurring in the lecture hall.