Study Abroad


The Department of Geography offers, through its multiple partnerships with universities around the world, a multitude of study abroad opportunities.
Please be aware that application deadlines for certain study abroad programs may be as early as 18 months before the begin of the program!

ERASMUS+-Program from the Institute of Geography


Information for those applying (Outgoings) (German)

Information for guest students from partner universities (Incomings)

If you have any questions regarding ERASMUS+, please contact Mr. Prof. Rainer Wehrhahn.

UNIBRAL II - Double-Degree Program

This program is the result of the cooperation between the Institute of Geography in Kiel and Departamento de Geografia at Universidad Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE) in Recife, Brazil. This program offers students of both universities the opportunity to achieve a Double-Degree of both universities.

For more information, please check out  UNIBRAL, and contact Mr. Prof. Rainer Wehrhahn.


More Opportunities: International Center at CAU

The CAU’s International Center offers more information regarding: General information about study abroad programs

  • More information regarding the ERASMUS+-program
  • Scholarship information
  • PROMOS scholarships
  • CAU-Scholarships for semesters abroad in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia
  • and much more.
Please contact the study program manager for transfering your grades into your CAU-Degree-Program.