Colloquium at Department of Geography

16.11.2015 von 16:00 bis 18:00

Ludewig-Meyn-Strasse 12, R.06 / Hörsalle Geographie

Dr. Susann Schäfer,
Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena

Policies on the move – insights to the circulation of South Korean climate change adaptation policies

Climate change adaptation is a core issue in climate politics worldwide. Policies that aim to promote climate change adaptation have been understood by the IPCC, in contrast to ‘individual’ and ‘autonomous adaptation’, as ‘planned adaptation’. Planned adaptation has been the subject of extensive research, especially its institutional context and the effectiveness of adaptation policies and measures. Although specific challenges of adaptation policies have been discussed, the fact that adaptation policies are often the result of transnational policy mobilities involving the transfer of policy blueprints, techniques, and model cases is underestimated. This paper presents the case of transnational mobilities of adaptation policies between South Korea and other countries. Against the background that policies are ‘on the move’ and that their mobilities offer new insights to climate politics, this study explores the circulation and the rationalities of adaptation policies in the Asian context. The circulation of adaptation policies addresses the translation and boosterism of those policies. Based on qualitative fieldwork in a central South Korean governmental institution, this study shows (1) the mobilities of adaptation policies and (2) how South Korea advanced as a powerful player in global climate politics through strategic policy mobilities.

Monday, November 16th, 2015, 16:00 p.m.
Department of Geography, Kiel University
Ludewig-Meyn-Strasse 12, lecturehall Geography

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