Professional Internship


During the course of your studies 1-Subject-Bachelor, Master “Urban and Regional Development” and “Environmental Geography and Management”) you are required to complete one or more professional internships at institutions outside of the university with a clear connection to your Geography studies. Please be aware of the following points:


Internship and Job Advertisements are welcome!

Length of the internship:

  • 1-Fach-Bachelor: 3 Months= 13 (!) weeks
  • M. Sc. Urban and Regional Developement (PO 2007/2013): 8 weeks
  • M. Sc. Environmental Geography and Management (PO2007): 8 weeks
  • M. Sc. Environmental Geography and Management  (PO2013/PO2015): 10 weeks
Part-time solutions are possible. It is possible to split up your required internship time, but please be aware that you must spend at least four weeks at a time at an institution. It is also possible to complete internships during the semester, but again please be aware that the minimum of four weeks time must be completed.
Due to the fact that the professional internships are normally completed during the semester holidays, the internships can then take place between the second and third semesters, between the third and fourth semesters, and between the fourth and fifth semesters, as well as between the fifth and sixth semesters. 

Internships Abroad

Professional internships can also be completed abroad. Information about scholarships can be found at the CAU’s International Center and the BMBF’s Scholarship Database (German). However, any research work or studies completed at a foreign university will not be accepted as internship time.

For further information please contact the resonbsible person above.