Geographisches Kolloquium, 07.06.2021 - Economic complexity


Pierre-Alexandre Balland, Utrecht University & Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute

Economic complexity: theory & applications 

Economic complexity has emerged as a powerful paradigm to understand key issues in economics, geography, innovation studies, and other social sciences. It focuses on using information on the structure of the economy to shed new light on the variation in standards of living across nations, differences in sophistication of technologies, and the spatial concentration of knowledge. A host of policy institutions, ranging from international organizations such as the World Bank, World Economic Forum, European Commission, and OECD to national and local actors, have embedded both the methodology and conceptual framework of complexity into their core toolbox. In this lecture, Pierre-Alexandre Balland will discuss the key theoretical and empirical insights of this emerging field on its applications beyond academia. 


Meeting-ID: 656 8090 7819, Kenncode: 829195